I’m Moving

Masha Miteva

‘ve decided I’m moving to a new place. I think it has become very apparent from my posts that Ornamelle was a very troubled journey – one of trying to find myself and getting lost most of the times. A tiring journey of a wandering soul.

I nevertheless love this place because of all its’ imperfections, because of the fact that I also hate it, because it makes me feel proud and embarrassed all at once, because among all the places where I fell lost, it also helped me find a little bit of myself. It’s time to move on and be lost somewhere else.


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It Really Is A Typographic Poster

Typographic PosterTypographic Poster


finally came around to posting something in my Society6 shop. You can see it here if you’re interested. What do you think?

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Wedding Invitations That I Designed

Wedding Invitations WeddingInvitesOne


didn’t have the best start of the year, but I’m not going to complain. Let’s just hope it’s all upwards from now on. I don’t usually share things like that here, but I love how these wedding invitations that I designed for a couple whose wedding we’re shooting this summer turned out. I had complete freedom in the design and it combines a lot of elements that I love: a monochrome palette, hand-lettering, a hand-drawn gingham pattern. I’m really proud of them and I hope you like them, too.

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Here’s To An Amazing 2013


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Goodbye 2012!



guess this will be my last post for this year, since we’re heading to our parents’ place for the holidays tomorrow. 2012 hasn’t been abundant in posts here…mildly said. I hope to change that in the coming year.

I hope you have amazing holidays and see you in 2013!

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